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Our World is a platform that brings innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship in the fashion industry together. With a focus on the Dutch market, on this page you find stories, initiatives and information we bring to you in English.

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Otto von Busch, associate professor Parsons School of Design NY: ”Who’s really enforcing the rules here? It’s not Karl Lagerfeld or Anna Wintour"....

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What we do

We bring stories, knowledge, organisations and people together around fashion, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship via our magazine, editorial shopping pages (planned to go live autumn this year), projects and more. We show that in a connected world, there’s more to sustainable fashion than ‘being good for people and planet’. Connection, cross-fertilization and connecting the dots in an increasingly complex world, that is what it’s all about.


When we submerge ourselves in the world of fashion, innovation and sustainability, we learn there’s almost no limit to great initiatives and bold entrepreneurship. And that’s what we want to share. Our magazine therefore provides a platform for changemakers to share their visions. Our columnists illustrate how fashion and sustainability affect our lives. We also give the floor to guest bloggers with great stories. The magazine is in Dutch, but a selection of articles will be available in English.


No lengthy newsletters and definitely not too often – but always relevant. In our Facebook closed group we share information, knowledge and discuss matters all related to fashion, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. We also organise small-scale meetups. This is because we think online is fun, but sometimes you just want to meet people personally iand discuss ideas face to face.

Collections and more…

Finding clothes that are the right size, look good on you, fit your budget and are sustainably manufactured, isn’t easy. We’re working on launching editorial shopping pages and more.  These will tell the stories behind the brands and give insight into their sustainability approach. Ultimately, we will launch capsule collections of young designers on the platform.

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