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Black Friday: niet meer, maar groener

Sign up family members, friends and colleagues and inspire them to make conscious choices!

Let us know before 30 July, 12:00, who you would like to inspire to make conscious choices. You can nominate up to five people. We will send them a digital Sustainable Fashion Gift Card worth 20 euros on 30 July, the UN International Day of Friendship, which they can redeem at 80+ sustainable fashion and lifestlyle entrepreneurs, among them BrandMission and Sophie Stone with a collection for men and women. Thanks to you, and with our gift card, they will discover a world full of sustainable fashion and lifestyle!

Your contribution

We’re an impact start-up and a fully independent gift. We don’t rely on any subsidies and are self-sufficient. We therefore ask a contribution of 5 euro to make this campaign possible, which you can pay here and find all the terms and conditions.

You can join throughout the year!

This campaign runs throughout the year. See all dates below.

  • 24 April, Fashion Revolution Day
  • Week of 6 June, after Zero Trash Week
  • 30 July, UN International Day of Friendship
  • 6 September, Sustainability Day
  • 12 October, Sustainable Fashion Week

Signup form

    Don’t forget your contribution of 5 euro per person to make this campaign possible! Thank you.

    Have you joined our campaign? Then you have a chance to win the following prizes. This our thank you to you, for joining us to inspire others to make sustainable choices.

    Kadobon Sophie Stone - Fashion Rev Day





    Our campaign run during Zero Trash Week. See below all our initiatives.

    We created for Zero Trash Week a mini-magazine. Read interviews, in Dutch, with pioneers of whose business model is focused on zero waste.


    See. Feel. Fit. The collections of The Hague’s finest clothing libraries

    On 3 June, from 16:00-19:00, you meet in The Student Hotel The Hague, Hoefkade 9 – 2 min walk from station Holland Spoor – two of The Hague’s finest clothing libraries: Masterpiece, Palanta and from Utrecht WAUWcloset.

    You’ll get the opportunity to see, feel and fit their collection. Discover how clothing rental works and learn about its benefits, such as having access to a great variation of styles – even designer items. Start renting your clothes and say goodbye to an overflowing closet!

    Entrance is free, but save your seat.


    Lunch & learn styling workshop – and how to stop buying clothes you don’t wear

    You have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Let’s change that!

    On 3 June, from 12:00-13:00, while enjoying a delicious veggie lunch, stylist and owner of the Iconic Wardrobe clothing library, Robin will provide you with tips to get you started with building up a conscious and sustainable wardrobe. During this lunch she will address how to discover your own style, how to create a basic wardrobe and add key pieces, how fashion rental can become part of this new wardrobe, and more!

    Location is The Student Hotel Amsterdam West, Jan van Galenstraat 335. Entrance is free, but save your seat.


    Second hand vs Vintage workshop

    Vintage is called second hand, and second hand is called vintage? Do you still get it?

    On 3 June, founder of the SFGC and fashion expert, Nanette, and vintage expert Hanna-Sara, will share with you the difference between vintage, second hand and other forms of the reuse of clothing. But the key question to this all: how sustainable is the re-use of clothing really?

    Location of this workshop: The Student Hotel Amsterdam West, Jan van Galenstraat 335. Walk-in from 19:30. Workshop is from 20:00-21:30.

    Entrance is free, but save your seat.


    Our campaign around Fashion Revolution Week: Stories on why inspiring others about your conscious lifestyle is important and get inspired by how other people do this.

    “For years I’m part of the green and fair bubble. And I love the fact that in this bubble, I meet so many like minded people. Lovely people who care. No wonder right, I want this bubble to grow? Not just for us, but for our planet and future generations. I hope that everyone who feels it’s important that ‘our bubble’ expands, joins our campaign.”

    Nanette Hogervorst, founder Sustainable Fashion Gift Card


    “I try to take away the argument ‘I don’t know where to find sustainable fashion’ by introducing people to sustainable clothing, shoes and cosmetics brands.”

    Anna Sophie and Esther,  owners Sophie Stone. A multi-brand webshop and soon their brick and mortar store will open in Utrecht

    > Bezoek de website van Sophie Stone


    “I like to use upcycled materials in the garments I create. Friends and family bring me their old clothes. This makes me happy and they are happy about the new items I make from it. In this way, I try to inspire people around me and show them how you consciously consume clothing.”

    Stephastique, designer and founder Stephastique

    > Bezoek de website van Stephastique


    “Slowly but surely, governments are taking initiatives to improve garment factories and the working conditions of people who work in the garment industry. But it is a slow and difficult process. That is why it is important that we pay attention to Fashion Revolution every year. Time to change!”

    Lonneke, founder BrandMission

    > Bezoek de website van BrandMission


    “I just share the most simple things people can do: Buy less, buy better and more durable products. Not just follow trends, instead create your own style.”

    Shayonti,founder Urban Medley

    > Bezoek de website van Urban Medley


    “I am committed to sustainability with my brand. So to tell my family and friends about sustainability, comes naturally. For example, I tell them about the choices I make in my production process, but I also take them second-hand shopping, for example, showing how much fun that is!”

    Rachel, designer and founder SeeFeel

    Who made my clothes SeeFeel-LR

    Our campaign will run throughout 2022, launching during Fashion Revolution Week, next stop Zero Waste Week and more occasions to come.


    Photo: garment designed by Stephastique