Transparency in fashion

Today, we don’t how, where and by whom are clothes are made. But things are changing. There’s an increasing awareness across the industry that transparency is essential if we want to move towards a sustainable fashion industry. In this series we describe some of the latest trends and developments in the area of transparency in fashion among consumers, lawmakers, businesses and look at innovations.

Join  26 May our event on transparency in the fashion industry

As part of this editorial series, we organise on 26 May in Amsterdam an event on transparency in fashion in Amsterdam. Together with live drawer Nina from Ikigai agency, we’ll create a visual Consumer Fashion Transparency Manifest. You can buy your tickets for this event (fee is eur 14,50).


Transparency doesn’t require a fashion brand to be sustainable…

Introduction article to ‘Transparency in Fashion’, by Nanette Hogervorst and Camilla Morandi

Lea Esterhuizen-founder-andwider

Photo by Rosa van Ederen

“I feel that many brands are scared to embark on this transparency journey”

Lea Estherhuizen, founder &Wider


Photo by Rachel Manns

“We see a continuous lack of transparency on the outcomes and impact of brands’ efforts”

Sarah Ditty, Policy Director Fashion Revolution

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