Who’s that influencer?

Influencers, nowadays you can hardly get away from it – or them. We find this relatively new form of marketing rather fascinating. It can be seen as a solution to the complex world of advertising, but the function of influencer marketing is quite complex as well. They are in a powerful position to stimulate consumers to buy specific brands because of either real or perceived knowledge, expertise, status, and authority. In this four-piece series we try to unravel the influencer phenomenon with an eye on sustainability.


“I don’t need it, but I want to have it”

Have you ever wondered, why are influencers so powerful?

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Secrets of successfully influencing

Big brands play with our emotions and we’re all being influenced…

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An Influencer’s role in sustainable fashion

Despite giving products a second use, you can question how sustainable the lifestyle of an influencer is

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The glamorous life of an influencer unravelled

It’s 5 a.m., Lital, however, is getting dressed, doing her hair, putting on her makeup, and waking up her boyfriend. Why? Because she needs the shot!

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